Icon's latest work is a sleeper truck that died for it | car buzz

2021-12-16 08:11:30 By : Mr. YIQIANG XU

This is how you restore a classic truck.

The United States likes its trucks more than any other place on the planet. From the humble Ford F-150 to the crazy Ram 1500 TRX, we don’t have enough demand for these practical machines. We especially like to keep the old machines. Classic truck repair and modification is a huge industry, and we have seen some incredible builds over the years. Some people stick to the original plan, while others pursue more modern things. We prefer the balance between the two, this 1953 Thriftmaster restomod by Icon is a perfect example. Many people think that Thriftmaster is one of the most diligent trucks ever, and this truck has been loved and paid attention to by some people.

This vintage truck is built on a custom Art Morrison chassis with four-wheel independent suspension, powered by GM Emissions-certified Erod 6.2 fuel injection LS3, which produces 440 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque. Power is sent to the rear through a six-speed manual transmission. A set of six-piston Brembo brakes are hidden behind custom Icon 18-inch forged artillery wheels, and adjustable shock absorbers keep things stable. As far as appearance is concerned, Icon does not have a penny. The bed is lined with extremely rare Shu Sugi Ban finished walnut wood, and the front and back are decorated with original restored chrome.

Inside, this Thriftmaster is equipped with a reversing camera, custom sun visors, remote door locks, power windows, indoor ambient lighting and Pioneer 8600NEX audio system. The seats and steering wheel are covered with micro-brushed high-end leather from Moore & Giles.

Speaking of his new work, Icon 4x4 founder Jonathan Ward (Jonathan Ward) said: "Our New School Thriftmaster demonstrates the relaxing duality found in all the people who sleep best. At first glance, this is a carefully restored 1952 pickup truck, but behind it is a vehicle with absolutely extraordinary power and handling. These new school trucks are exciting because they give Icon a chance to Creative construction based on the retro style of Thriftmaster, while cleverly incorporating the best elements of today into a true one-to-one construction. My favorite part is that our first New School truck can easily keep up through the canyon There is no problem at all to catch up with the pace of modern sports cars."

This is the restoration modification that was done correctly.