navistar: Truck manufacturer Navistar says Omicron variants may slow down supply chain recovery, Automotive News, ET Auto

2021-12-16 07:15:08 By : Mr. Jack Yuan

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The Cabinet approved the 76,000 crore semiconductor incentive plan 22 hours ago

TVS and BMW Motorrad extend their partnership to the futuristic electric vehicle platform, and will launch their first product 202,319 hours ago

The fool who proves the momentum of growth

The shortage of semiconductor chips used to operate everything from driver assistance systems to infotainment systems has forced major automakers to cut production and, in some cases, make cars without certain functions.

DB Schenker will use prototype electric trucks in its distribution business in the spring and summer of 2022, and its research results will be used to produce 1,470 electric trucks.

The world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, which will be spun off from Daimler on December 10, outlined cost-cutting measures aimed at improving profit margins as it is struggling to deal with chip shortages that damage the entire industry. Daum said this will be a major financial blow.

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This engineer and industry veteran has spent almost his entire career at Tata Motors and has played an important role in OEM manufacturing and CV business.

The collaboration between Mahindra and Reliance's mobile brand Jio-bp will explore battery replacement solutions for electric tricycles and business models such as mobility as a service (MaaS) and battery as a service (BaaS)

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