GTA Trilogy 1.03 update patch notes: bug fixes and performance improvements-Charlie INTEL

2021-12-16 07:14:47 By : Mr. Charles Wu

The following are the complete patch notes for the GTA Trilogy: Ultimate Edition 1.03 update, including all bug fixes and new improvements.

Grand Theft Auto fans found many troublesome issues in the GTA Trilogy: Ultimate Edition, so Rockstar has fixed many of them in the new update. Here is the 1.03 update patch description.

GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition gives players the opportunity to relive GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. However, players have complained about several bugs, malfunctions and performance issues.

Rockstar Games did not ignore these problems, and then they released an update patch to fix them. It includes various bug fixes and performance improvements on different platforms.

This is the complete GTA trilogy 1.03 update patch notes.

Rockstar released the complete GTA trilogy: Ultimate Edition 1.03 update patch notes on November 30th. These include fixing a bug that would cause rain indoors, as well as a spelling error in texture art and logo.

The following are the changes in the 1.03 update patch:

The Grand Theft Auto III update patch focuses on fixing issues such as the mismatch between rain and the content visible during the game, as well as some texture resolution issues and misaligned text in the game.

The following are all the changes in the remake of GTA III:

Like GTA III, the developers focused on fixing some spelling errors in texture art and logos in Vice City. The update patch also fixes a 10 to 15 second pause when listening to the radio.

Here are all the updates in the remastered version of Vice City:

The 1.03 update patch adds some alternative walking and running animations for CJ in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas", depending on his physical condition. They also fixed some bugs in the character's body in certain missions.

The following is the San Andreas update:

Xbox One users report that each game in the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy faces a problem, namely, that there is no response for a period of time after logging out, and players will not be able to unlock achievements from other accounts.

Here are the fixes for Xbox One:

This covers all the changes in the GTA Trilogy: Ultimate Edition 1.03 update patch. Hope that after these changes, the game will run more smoothly and players will encounter fewer problems.

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EA announced another FIFA 22 team of the week. We have everything you need to know and a complete FIFA 22 TOTW 13 lineup.

It's time for another FIFA 22 team of the week. In FIFA 22 TOTW 13, there are some big names for people to add to their teams, and we have listed all the details for you.

Ultimate Team is still the most popular mode in the FIFA series. One of the many reasons for this is the integration of real-world football into its addictive game loop through special cards (such as icons or new FUT heroes).

One of the oldest promotions of this model is the "Best Team of the Week", which provides players with a batch of upgrade cards every week based on the actual player performance of the previous week to help them build a team.

We will update this center with the latest FIFA 22 TOTW news, so be sure to check back every week.

The following is a complete update of the best teams of Week 13 of "FIFA 22".

FIFA 22 TOTW 13 is here, full of big names from all over the world. For those who like to try new cards and have enough funds to do so, FIFA’s TOTW is great.

Check out the full lineup of FIFA 22 TOTW 13 here.

Goalkeeper 🧤 Midfielder 👟 Attacker ⚡️ Which one are you going to upgrade this week? #TOTW 13 is now live #FUT 👊 #FIFA22

The best team item of the week is a special card that can improve statistics based on the player's performance in the real-world game in the previous week. Any player who is in good condition will see their score and in-game statistics increase permanently.

Every week, EA will announce a 23-person star lineup. These stars have performed best in previous domestic or international competitions. They may be rewarded for winning at the last minute in a large game or the goalkeeper's heroic performance in keeping the goal clear.

Each TOTW can be packaged and used for a full week until it is replaced by the next team next Wednesday. Players cannot be notified for two consecutive weeks.

Although the formal card is in the package, it replaces the player's basic version. When TOTW ends, the normal card will be returned to the package.

In FIFA 22, EA resolved fans’ complaints that TOTW items were usually added to the game throughout the year and other promotional cards quickly became useless.

Every week, a player will receive a special selected TOTW card. These players will be promoted more than the other members of the team to make them more popular with the people who formed the team.

In order to be eligible for this additional statistical boost, players must have a basic card with a score of less than 80, and there are no other performance-based cards in the pack-such as a card worth watching.

Historically, EA will announce the latest TOTW every Wednesday so that any Monday night game can be considered.

Each new team will usually tweet at 10 am Pacific time / 1 pm Eastern time / 6 pm GMT and get a full understanding of each upgrade.

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Rockstar revealed a lot of details about the new GTA online mode "Contract" DLC, here are all the content included in the update.

The latest DLC for GTA Online has been announced by Rockstar, and the "contract" will add a lot of new content and content to the game. It includes the return of Franklin and Dr. Dre, here are the patch notes and content.

Although GTA 6 has not yet been announced, fans of the Grand Theft Auto series still have a lot of content to enjoy, such as the new GTA trilogy: Ultimate Edition. Now, Rockstar brings some new content to GTA online mode.

Although Cayo Perico Heist shook the GTA online model in 2020, the contract is a major DLC update in 2021. This is all the new content included in the update.

After players received the update on December 15, 2021, the Contract Story DLC is now live in GTA Online.

The DLC was originally discovered as a "Fixer" update, but Rockstar released its first trailer on December 9th to show off its real name.

This update serves as a content adjustment to make it more interesting for players to enter Los Santos in GTA online mode.

Collaborate with Franklin Clinton and friends in The Contract, a new adventure in GTA Online. Solve various problems that plague Los Santos' high-profile customers, including helping your first-line customer, Dr. Dre, solve high-risk thefts.

The contract update of GTA Online brings three new weapons, "each of which is a valuable tool that Franklin has accumulated during his career."

Here are the three new weapons in the "Contract":

Heavy rifles can be purchased from Ammu-Nation, while EMP launchers and stun guns need to be purchased from the agency’s armory.

In addition to these new weapons, The Contract DLC also brings up to seven new vehicles to the game.

The following are all vehicles that have added The Contract DLC:

Players in GTA online mode can also obtain new assets through contract DLC-agents.

The following is Rockstar's description of the organization:

"As part of your investment in the F. Clinton & Partner partnership, you will get a new multi-storey, state-of-the-art office space suitable for high-end private solutions agencies. The property includes team office space and a dedicated vehicle storage Lower level. You can use the armory to add further modifications to serve your arsenal, and the vehicle workshop can open a series of new modifications, which is perfect for completing contracts for customers."

The world-famous rapper Dr. Dre is an important part of Cayo Perico Heist in GTA online mode. He is now returning in the contract update of GTA online mode.

"On the streets of Los Santos, Dr. Dre's stolen phone became a topic in the city-it is said that the device is loaded with music that has never been heard in Dr. Dre's unpublished work. You need to track these music when it leaks. Decline before reaching the world. This may make or break your agency, and you will become the one who gets your hands dirty.

As the investigation progresses, you will find new songs by hip-hop legends who have won six Grammy Awards, all of which will premiere exclusively in a large-scale update of GTA Online. "

You can also hang out with Dr. Dre by visiting Record A Studios, where you will get a "behind-the-scenes glimpse of the popular production process".

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Halo Infinite received a new update on December 14. Here are the patch notes detailing the complete list of new changes.

Halo Infinite received a new update on December 14th. We have an update patch detailing all the changes, including new playlists for SWAT and Team Slayer and a challenge overhaul.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer test version allows players to understand the performance of the game, and 343 Industries listened to their feedback. Now that the game is on the market, developers have begun to fix some of its problems.

A new update was released on December 14th, bringing some changes to the game. We have a complete patch note detailing everything in it, such as new playlists for SWAT and Team Slayer and changes to challenges.

Halo Infinite players have been calling on developers to provide them with more types of playlists. Now, 343 Industries has listened to this feedback and added four new matching options for fans.

Here are all new game types:

Since the multiplayer preview, fans have been asking for these game types. 343 Industries promises to provide more game modes and better matching experience in future updates.

One of the biggest complaints of Halo Infinite players is the challenge of the game. The December 14th update changed the requirements for players to complete these challenges.

These changes are a direct response to a frustrating problem that players cannot complete certain challenges because random matches put them in the wrong game mode.

The December 14 update also changed the way that the ranking matching system looks for players in the lobby by prioritizing "close personal skill matches." Developers will also study more ranked playlists.

Major changes have taken place in leisure halls like Big Team Battle. Now, their matchmaking will look for players with low latency. There are many other changes in the full update patch notes.

When publishing, we adopted a measurement method that included a set of baseline playlists in a simple and straightforward way. Thankfully, our testing phase is progressing well, and we heard your feedback about wanting more variety and more control over the modes you play. And, after Halo Infinite's first official event Fracture: Tenrai, we heard your feedback about the hope that Carnival will continue to exist as a regular product rather than limited to the event period.

We have also heard a lot of feedback about the desire for pure Slayer playlists-this kind of thing will always appear, but since it takes more time to test and finalize new game mode variants, it was a bit far away at first. Slayer fans should expect this playlist to expand with new experiences in the coming months.

Thanks to these feedbacks, we are happy to bring four new social match playlists to Halo Infinite today:

Today’s playlist update is just the first step-we know that players want more agents and more diversity-and the team will continue to develop long-term plans for rotation and core playlists, game modes, and improved matching experiences.

Ranking and BTB matching update

Since the beta version was released, the team has been monitoring the matching data and paying close attention to the entire system to ensure that it works as expected. In addition, we listened to feedback from players who are concerned about how ranking works and/or are frustrated with the ranking experience. Work in this area will continue, but we will make some targeted changes in the short term:

We will continue to pay close attention to rankings and overall matching, and will share as much details about the system and future plans as possible.

As of this news release, the team has been aware of and is actively working on solving the intermittent matching problem of Big Team Battle reported in the past few days. As we continue to investigate and research solutions, we thank you for your patience and support. Be sure to follow @HaloSupport on Twitter for the latest updates.

Finally, we learned that some players are also eager to get more ranked playlists than the current products of the game. Please note that our navigation in ranking playlists is more technically complex than social, so any future ranking updates will take more time.

We received a lot of feedback on CSR progress, especially in the early days of the beta. We are planning a separate post that will explore some of the issues that people see in more depth, but want to briefly explain two areas of feedback here: ranking inflation and overall ranking distribution. 

One of our goals in designing the CSR system is that the median CSR should be around Platinum 1. You may notice that the Open Queue playlist is very close to our goal, but the Solo/Duo playlist is biased towards Diamond/Onyx. You may also notice two other things in all three playlists:

We are adjusting the CSR algorithm to make the distribution more in line with our goals and your expectations, especially for Solo/Duo playlists. However, when we do this, we must be careful not to make changes that will negatively affect players who have reached these higher-than-expected CSRs, so this may take some time.

Today is the third comprehensive update of challenges and progress since the Halo Infinite beta was released on November 15. In each case, the challenge is iterated and adjusted to remove outliers and adjust problematic entries, while also helping to speed up the overall battle pass progress. So far, we are satisfied with the results of these changes, but we know that there are many opportunities for continued development and improvement.

There is a lot of work to do here to truly address player feedback on these systems-wider changes will take time (ie XP based on performance, XP per game, additional progress vectors, etc.)-but in the meantime, The team will continue to target meaningful server updates to hone and improve the overall experience.

Today’s update aims to further ease the frustrating challenges, add brand new challenges to take advantage of new playlists, and lower the requirements for the weekly ultimate challenge. And, although it will not be fully functional yet, the event challenge has also been changed to help resolve some of the initial player feedback.

Overall, many modes and activity-specific challenges have been completely removed, their requirements have been reduced, and/or their weight in the overall challenge pool has been reduced. In addition, the overall weight of "general" challenges has been increased.

We understand that it can be frustrating to not be able to choose a particular model to deal with a particular challenge. As long-term work continues, today's changes should help reduce some friction in the short term.

Today’s new playlists will also usher in new challenges specific to playlists. You can expect to find specific playlist versions of each of the following new challenge types:

The specific requirements and corresponding XP will vary according to the rare type of challenge (ie "normal", "hero", "legendary").

Players reported that the event challenge was difficult to advance because they were "trapped" after the weekly challenge and/or did not have enough solutions during the event week. Looking to the future, when Fracture: Tenrai returns, event challenges will appear more frequently, eliminating the gap where players were stuck waiting. Moreover, while the activity usually still has a limited limit on the number of challenges available in a given week-which means it will take several weeks to fully complete-the maximum will increase to provide more buffer and allow Highly engaged players progress faster.

We will provide more details about these changes and some other ways to resolve incident feedback when Fracture: Tenrai returns on January 4.

To commemorate and celebrate the first Halo Infinite major e-sports event-HCS Raleigh-players will be able to earn double XP through a series of new ranking-focused challenges within a week (December 14th to December 20th). Guide your inner HCS Pro and enter the ranking match to speed up your battle pass progress, and make sure to watch amateur and professional team battles when HCS Raleigh starts on December 17th. Use official in-game skins to support your favorite HCS players, and a portion of each sale goes directly to the organization. Visitors to the event this weekend will also have the opportunity to get exclusive Halo Infinite Twitch Drop cosmetics, so be sure to follow @HCS on Twitter for the latest information!

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Rockstar revealed a lot of details about the new GTA online mode "Contract" DLC, the following are included in...