Former Oklahoma County Commissioner Earl Rums pleaded guilty to felony

2021-12-16 07:32:22 By : Ms. Tina Lee

Former Oklahoma County Commissioner Earl Rooms has paid $5,400 to resolve a criminal case involving his personal use of a tractor at Tinker Air Force Base.

Halla’s room 81 pleaded guilty to a felony on November 30 and was suspended for two years.

He admitted that he took the tractor from Tinker Air Force Base on April 2 and used it for personal needs without consent before returning it.

In 1996, Oklahoma County held two seats in Oklahoma County and held rooms for four years. He can enter the base because he works there with safety capabilities. He has since lost that job.

An Air Force investigator reported in a court affidavit that he admitted in April that he drove a tractor to plow his leased property without permission.

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According to the affidavit, a base employee installed a GPS tracker on a New Holland farm tractor on April 1st because it has been missing several times.

"The tractor just appears randomly and will never appear where it last appeared," the base employee told the investigator.

According to the affidavit, the GPS tracker indicated that the tractor was transferred to an address in the Shawnee area on April 2. A deputy of the Potawatomi County Sheriff confirmed its existence.

According to the affidavit, the room appeared and told the deputy he "just borrowed" it.

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He was charged in the Oklahoma County District Court in July with unauthorized use of farm tools.

According to the plea agreement, he paid $1,000 in judicial "assessment" and $400 in court fees. He also paid $1,000 and $3,000 in compensation to the State Victim Compensation Fund.

The compensation was sent to a special court to help troubled veterans. This amount is based on the cost of renting a tractor multiple times.

His probation means that if he does not violate other laws in the next two years, he will not be convicted of a felony.