2022 Ford Maverick now a little bit more expensive

2021-12-31 11:25:44 By : Ms. Joy Tang

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As of December 27, the compact Ford Maverick pick has a slightly weightier price to haul around. The Maverick Truck Club forum noticed a bulletin Ford sent to dealers laying out some small adjustments to MSRPs for all but the base trim, as well as increases for a couple of packages and a number of a la carte options. The entry level Maverick XL is unaffected, creeping just five dollars below the $20,000 mark before destination; after the $1,495 destination charge, it costs $21,490. Above that, every XLT trim costs $80 more, while every Lariat trim costs $370 more regardless of engine and drivetrain. The least expensive XLT packs the 2.5-liter with front-wheel-drive for $22,280, the least expensive Lariat with the same setup for $25,490. Not as cheap as before, but still a bargain.

The XLT Luxury Package with features like a power driver's seat, leather steering wheel, spray-in bedliner, and trailer hitch climbs $155 to $2,500. The Lariat Luxury Package with goodies like a larger infotainment screen, Bang & Olufsen audio, adaptive cruise control, and rear parking sensors asks an extra $410, now costing $3,750. On the individual options page, the power moonroof increases by $200 to $995, Ford's Co-Pilot360 suite of driver assistance tech features increases by $110 to $650, and the Roadside Assistance and First Aid Kits each cost $10 more, coming in at $70 and $50, respectively.  

At the other end of Ford's truck lineup, CarsDirect noticed that the Super Duty range will get a Super-Duty-sized increase, the whole range costing $1,295 more for the 2022 model year. This makes the least expensive F-250 Super Duty $38,190 after the $1,695 destination charge, whereas the F-450 Limited DRW starts at $95,260 before options.

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