Tube or Oil Filled Shock Absorber and Seat Damper

                                                                                ParameterColor: Blue & Black & Yellow&comm

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Color: Blue & Black & Yellow, End to End Distance: 150-1050mm, Cylinder Outside Dia: 24-64mm, Max Travel: 350mm, Delivery Detail: 7~15days; Mass Produce30~45days 
TypePositionMaterialShock Absorber TypeSpring Type
DamperFront or RearSteelGas-FilledCoil Spring

                                                           Shock Absorber Suspension Parameter 

Itemshock absorber
Part No
Shaft DiameterCylinder Outside DiaSpring DiaGas PressureEye to Eye distance

1SY15.40.43.00154510 to130.8~1.0500 to 1050 
2SY15.40.43.00154510 to 13
3SY18.40.41.00184510 to 14
4SY18.40.43.00184510 to 14
5SY18.45.51.00185110 to 14
6SY20.45.51.00205111 to 140.8~1.2
7SY22.45.51.00225111 to 15
8SY22.45.51.00225111 to 15
9SY22.5764.00226414 to 15

                                                              About US: Shenyang Shock Absorber Company

1. In 10 years, we have successfully exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other places. We are Joyner's unique shock absorber supplier who is reputable in American and European.
2. We elaborate design, manufacture, ruled out many subtle quality hidden trouble, also eliminates your quality (such as sound, oil leakage, leakage, damping, spring damping, etc.) on the trouble back at home.
3. Unique design, not only reflected in the appearance of chic, more importantly, processing and corresponding characteristics of suspension spring liquid (gas) pressure, damping configuration, allowing you to feel more smooth undulating,  to enjoy the ride and jumping fun.
4. Rigorous selection and cultivation of the supplier, ensure the consistency of product quality, durability. Data acquisition, development of new products, improve the capacity of the old materials, will make you feel out of the ordinary.
         The factory is mainly engaged inproducing  all  kinds  of  medium andadvanced  class  shock  absorbers and fittings for sports  utility vehicles,entertainment vehicles and sand beach vehicles.  Also,  the  factory  is  specialized  in  designing,  developing  and manufacturing shock absorbers for various entertainment vehicles such as the ATV,GOK and some absorbers, dampers of special types as well. 
            Our factory is able to design and make all kinds of shock absorbers with high performance features , excellent  damp  and  a long service life on the basis of  customer's needs. Our factory can design and produce all sorts of shock absorbersto satisfy different users' requirements and meet your technical development and  service demands at any time.

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