32/913601 PA4870-Fn Air Filter for JC Bamford Loaders; Zetor Tractors

Advantage1.13 years professional aftermarket filters sales\' experience for motorcycle, garden machines,cars,trucks,construction machines,power plants and so on2.around 3000 types air filters /cabin filters/oil filters/fuel filters/hydraulic filters with high quality and reasonable price,within these 2 years we have develop

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1.13 years professional aftermarket filters sales' experience for motorcycle, garden machines,cars,trucks,construction machines,power plants and so on
2.around 3000 types air filters /cabin filters/oil filters/fuel filters/hydraulic filters with high quality and reasonable price,within these 2 years we have developed many newly items for construction machines,and also for hydraulic filters
3.Faster delivery , stable supply and sincere service
4.Support customization
5.Reliable and durable

43.5 PSID By-Pass Valve
J.C. Bamford Equipment
J.C. Bamford Loaders; Zetor Tractors
J.C. Bamford 32/913601; Fleetguard AF25958K; Woodgate WGA1059K
5 1/4 (133.4) Lid 6 27/32 (173.8)
19/32 (15.1) & & 2 13/16 (71.4)
12 3/32 (307.2)
A. Gskt.:
[1] Attached, [1] Wing Nut

191205    PT23495-MPG    EF-131A    HP3202A06AH    421-43-27920    H56770    P560719    PT23044-MPG    CU250A25N    791440095724    RAJ188    D68804    300147    PT9197    P3062052    HF35263    WGH2052    791440071346    FBX630X20    190620    SH60537    55410006    55410030    16390765    55410030    16390765    400504-00217    7006806    A141303    K1029257    K1052088    400504-00254    555410074    190513    FIN-FH50885    HY18860    910887    K000910887    PT23545-MPG    14690316    14569658    791440104808    PT8972-MPG    V3051008    WGH1939    791440070318    1618480    1810437    PT207    PT207-10    PT554    PT9145    FFPAVL1102825AB    WGH1902    791440070820    PT9145    FFPAVL1102825AB    WGH1902    791440070820    0400RK015MM    W01AG167    PT23568-MPG    2038889    WF726    '791440106956    PT9380-MPG    139-1537    791440079182    PT9380-MPG    139-1537    791440079182    332/J9359    PT23544-MPG    1285491    3001285491    HF29065    ,791440104792    PT9526-mpg    JLG7024375    791440094338    PT8948-MPG    SH53355    35/925858    WGH9528    791440070066    P171846    WG185    PT8997-MPG    MF1801AA10HB    WGH9533    791440070561    PT8997-MPG    MF1801AA10HB    WGH9533    791440070561    PT9227    F18M60M    R140C25B    HF28869    WGH9144    MF1801AM60NB    PT9227    F18M60M    R140C25B    HF28869    WGH9144    MF1801AM60NB    181025    1300R020BN4HC    400504-00240    H89060    PT8995-MPG    HP651A10NA    791440070547    WGH9191    EA1392    H9112    p169789    57883    D80E10HV    PT9490-MPG    P170608    P566672    240D010BNHC    400504-00241    0240D010BN4HC    0240D010BH4HC    PT573    1810528    1810889    51852    P551298    LF725    E131-0214A    31E910190    E1310214A    H-2801    H2801    E131-0212A    H-2725    E131-0212-4    R010109    J86-30124    HF35363    E131-0212A    H-2725    E131-0212-4    R010109    J86-30124    HF35363    2471-9401-A    10037617    P173190    PT8894-MPG    791440066069    PT23068-MPG    791440095960    PT9237    P171533    MF1002AP10NB    WGH9517    791440074019    20180429    PT8484    32/925346    32/910100    32/913500    791440061897    PA5316    31EE-02110    14500233    791440077461    PT23574-MPG    20Y6021419    31EH-00480    PT9416-MPG    29545776    P179206    P560972    HF28944    HF35153    PT8385    1193281    1193281-1    120862    691954    42535049    42491185    42563320    81332150002    '0002701098    5001831431    5000807213    5000807212    691954    PT8385    1193281    1193281-1    120862    691954    42535049    42491185    42563320    81332150002    0002701098    5001831431    5000807213    5000807212    H9070    HC9600FUN4H    791440029606    H026    PT8359    3502410N    791440043374    3502410N    PT8359    791440043374    HW-8916    4648651    HY90544    R010052    SH60368    14375002    31E9-1019    HY9342    170450    ML1471    57128    P165378    PT766    S111605    P164598    51709    H9084    791440029743    PT-9397    PT9383-MPG    791440079441    14375006    PT23051-MPG    400479    791440095793    P/N332/J9359    PT23090-MPG    SH75160    55D010BNHC    791440096189    P764665    V2.0920-06    SH52006    PT23231-MPG    HC8900FDN13H    HC8900FKN13H    HC8900FUN13H    791440099913    PT400    198-49-11440    791440004641    KTJ-1081    SH60241    P171738    PT23047    HP1352A10NA    791440095755    PT23066-MPG    PT23066    140D010BNHC    791440095946    PT9494    P174297    791440094017    PT9494-MPG    PT8960-MPG    791440070189    V3061706    D07A10GAV    P763866    PT23358    P2.0933-02    15387800    20170411-2    400504-00225    20170411-1    PT8895    N3150506    HF30196    791440066076    PT9424    4294130    791440086968    PT9444-MPG    1672009    P550924    791440091061    PT23206-MPG    160D010BNHC    791440099661    ZFI0002    PT23092-MPG    938309Q    EA2169    791440096202    PT9315SMALL    EA1412SMALL    170221    PT9245    PT9215    1674984M92    300708    PT9373    RLR425B25B    11342118    0060D020BNHE    D82E10GV    5618166    PT9482-MPG    WG351-S    WG351    57523    143-2849    791440080027    PT9390    WG419    SH87318    10155110    S610T120    S49E120T    PT8978    248911003    PT23382    P177001    PT8954-MPG    PT23073-MPG    D108G10B    PT8941    WGH1818    PT8455    P171828    990-00090    7571101    1336741    133-6741    PT9283    1097287    P161001    PT23032-MPG    '00383279    p174793    PT174793    32/920300    WX312    P762904    62135819    0-3354001-0-05    10073397    p566216    H9079    PT683    H8080    H8078    V30941-08    W01AG295    SH521131    17967501    pt119-hd    P169432    P170737    207-60-61250    DFN175200    P782919    JCBWG255    P16513610021810    PT9306-MPG    PT9191    P172467    937764Q    PT8971-MPG    1009088    V3.520.06    F28/51001    F28/51001/    207-60-51200    P566399P169449    P564845P/N10190588    32/925140    328-3655    PT9373    PT9373MPG    1R0722/CE1172    1R0719    1R0732    2474-1001    P502172    PT9416    207-60-51200    P164164    H9071    ARH0496LB03    ARH0496LB05    ARH0496LV03    ARH0496LV05    ARH0496LV10    3176727900    WFH107same    H8069    H8070    22B-60-11160    22B-60-11160    57520    P172465    PT8969    PF1727    TXX8A10    84520    62103593    P172463    PT9212    WX210    P164166    H8073    H9073    853531151    3I-1507    7R-4568    134-0964    9-304-100079    3902287M1    3618662M1    3618662M2    41035303    SH74189    PT23252    11705962    P171733    P171732    76028203    PT9528    207-970-5121    07063-11060    P764679    PT9352     71418763    PT8492    14530989    474-00009    207-60-71181    20Y-60-31121    2076071180    207-60-71182    P550787    9T9054    p173097    CE0076H    11026936-2    HF6388    57100    62343    p551755    pt257    57024    CE1234H    P173489    CE0086H    2474-9008    CE1281H    126-2081    Sfh2081    17799806    17799806    P550577    CE0070H    P171818    76071627    76091851    SH60098    PT483    CE1233H    EA1392    EA1412    P176945    PT9315BIG    791440073982    

32/913601 PA4870-Fn Air Filter for J. C. Bamford Loaders; Zetor Tractors
32/913601 PA4870-Fn Air Filter for J. C. Bamford Loaders; Zetor Tractors
32/913601 PA4870-Fn Air Filter for J. C. Bamford Loaders; Zetor Tractors

32/913601 PA4870-Fn Air Filter for J. C. Bamford Loaders; Zetor Tractors
32/913601 PA4870-Fn Air Filter for J. C. Bamford Loaders; Zetor Tractors

32/913601 PA4870-Fn Air Filter for J. C. Bamford Loaders; Zetor Tractors

Single poly bag and carton or as per the clients' special requirements
32/913601 PA4870-Fn Air Filter for J. C. Bamford Loaders; Zetor Tractors

---Payment terms: Western Union, T/T,L/C,Paypal
---30% advance, the balance paid against BL draft

Our service
1.Sample order & small quantity order are ok
2.Excellent quality control
3.Accept customization
4. Support OEM and ODM
5.Any question,will be replied within 24 hours
6.Select the suitable shipping lines, trains transports and so on
7.Professional staff to provide you related clearing documents
8.Any problems or complaints for our goods,we will give 100% replacement

What products can you supply?
A: we can manufacturing most of the automobile filters, industrial filters.If you have your own brand we can printed and packed the goods according to your own brand as long as we got your signed and sealed authorization letter.
How is the quality of the filters?
A:we insist on providing customers the highest quality of filter products.All products are manufactured right here,under the most rigorous quality standards.We totally guarantee the quality.
How do you guarantee the after-sale service?
A: All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out.If any problems caused by the product itself, we will supply you the new replaced ones ASAP.
Can I get some samples? How could I pay the sample charge?
A: We are honored to offer you free samples for checking quality before placing an order.Please pay postage in advance. However,we will return them to you when ordering, or deduct them from the order.We accept the sample payment via Western Union or T/T.
How long is your Delivery Time ?
A: If there is stock, the delivery time is about 5 working days after getting the payment.If no stock,30-35 working days according to the order detail items.

How to place an order
1.Confirm all products details and packaging details
2.Start the mass production after receiving your deposit.
3.Arrange delivery  after  finish the production
4.choosing the suitable transport methods
5.offer you the related clearing documents

Filtration GradeHepa Filter
Serviceafter market
Quality100% Professional Test
FunctionFilter Dust
Payment TermT/T,LC,Westen Union
Delivery Time10-30 Days After Order Confirmed
PackagingCustomized/Neutral/Color Box
Warranty8000-10000 KMS

32/913601 PA4870-Fn Air Filter for J. C. Bamford Loaders; Zetor Tractors

32/913601 PA4870-Fn Air Filter for J. C. Bamford Loaders; Zetor Tractors

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