Custom Logo Pasture Garden Ride on Lawn Mower

                                                                DRM series Disc MowerThis mower is braced heavier on the end than other disc mowers and has 2 ba

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                                                                DRM series Disc Mower
This mower is braced heavier on the end than other disc mowers and has 2 bar lift springs to insure the cutter bar floats easily on the ground.The disc mower cuts through heavy, high crops without wrapping or plugging, as well as for light thin grass.It is suitable for native grass, alfalfa, corn and other stalks.The mower can be raised quickly for turning or transport without adjusting the 3 point hitch.Suitable for wide range terrains and contours, even uneven and rocky ground. More efficient than reciprocating mowers.

1 DRM series drum mower has simple structure, easily be operated.
2 Widely used in pastures, can cut grass, hay, alfalfa, rye, oat, corn stalk, etc.
3 High efficiency, suitable for heavy and high srops without wrapping or plugging as well as for light thin grass.
4 Can be rasied quickly for turning and transporting by hydraulic cylinder without adjusting 3-point linkage.
5 Suitable for wide range terrains and continuous, uneven and rocky ground, more efficient than reciprocating mowers.
6 Spiral hand shank installed on the cutter arbor, which easily going up and down. it uses two springs to hang, can adapt to the situation of the ground which is concave-convex, and doesn't destroy the grass ground.
7 The machine have safe installations, the mowing plate can moving back while it meets barrier while working, so   to protect the machine.
8 Protection cover above the cutter bar to avoid the flying grass.

Model HD-1300HD-1700HD-2100HD-2500
Match power20-50hp35-80hp40-80hp50-100hp
Working width1.3m1.72.12.5
Number of disc2456
Working speed4-10km/h4-10km/h4-10km/h4-10km/h

*Cutter bar ensures quick mowing.
*Results in superior crop flow that reduces streaking.
*Reversible knife blades change quickly without raising the cutter bed.

Why choose us?
1 The quality is guaranteed due to strong technical support ,first class component ,advanced production line and strict quality control system.
2 Be leading Expert in global market for more than 12 years, China Famous Export Brand recommended by CCCME (China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products)

After Sell Service:
Spare Parts Guarantee Measures:

Dealer+ Spare Part Warehouse.
100% original spare parts assure good quality.
Bar-code system adopted in the whole process assures accuracy and promptness.
Professional and accurate package and logistics assure safe and relieved transportation

Technical Support:

The whole process Technology support covers on sale and after-sale service. 
Nearly 50 categories of technical support materials for 4 series products.
Various support methods like maintenance manual, wall chart, operation instruction disk and so on.
Multi-language materials in Chinese, English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic respectively.

Custom Logo Pasture Garden Ride on Lawn Mower

Custom Logo Pasture Garden Ride on Lawn Mower

Custom Logo Pasture Garden Ride on Lawn Mower

Custom Logo Pasture Garden Ride on Lawn Mower


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