Tesla recalls 500,000 Model 3, Model S EVs for two safety issues - Roadshow

2021-12-31 11:28:59 By : Ms. Rachel Yang

The Model 3 has a backup camera issue, while the Model S recall focuses on the frunk.

Hoods and frunks have two latches for a very important reason, and it's vital that both operate perfectly to avoid any issues.

While many of us are tucked under a warm blanket on the couch, burning that precious PTO between December's holidays, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is hard at work ensuring vehicles on the road are as safe as possible. Today's slate of recalls seek to address just that.

Tesla is recalling nearly 500,000 examples of the Model 3 and Model S electric cars, as first reported by Reuters. Each model is subject to a different recall, covering different model years, so we'll take a look at each one.

The first recall affects 356,309 examples of the 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3 sedan. According to NHTSA's defect report, the issue comes from the coaxial cable that provides the backup camera's feed to the dashboard display in the car. Over time, operating the trunk lid may cause the cable to wear excessively, thanks to a particularly tight bend. If it whittles itself too far down, the backup camera may no longer display on the infotainment screen. This is a problem as the federally mandated backup camera can provide vital information when reversing.

Tesla's service department will be able to remedy the issue. It will inspect each recalled vehicle and replace the cable and install a new guide protector if excessive wear is found. If the examined cable is within specifications, Tesla will simply add the guide protector to reduce the bend angle when the trunk is closed. People who already paid to fix this problem should be able to seek compensation through the automaker. Model 3 vehicles from the 2021 model year onward have already reengineered the harness to eliminate the issue. Owners should receive recall notifications in the mail beginning in February.

The second recall covers 119,009 examples of the 2014-2021 Tesla Model S hatchback. Here, the problem comes from the frunk's secondary latch, which helps keep the front trunk secure in the event the primary latch opens while the vehicle is in motion. According to the defect report, an improperly aligned latch assembly may prevent the secondary latch from securing, which could cause the frunk to swing open while the vehicle is in motion.

The remedy shouldn't take too long to fix. According to NHTSA's documents, Tesla service centers will take the recalled vehicles and inspect their frunk latches. If the secondary latch isn't doing its job, Tesla's employees will reassemble and reposition the latch so that it works correctly. As with the Model 3 recall, any owner who paid to have this fixed before the recall can seek reimbursement, and owners should start receiving notifications in the mail in February.

In November, Tesla recalled approximate 7,600 examples of the updated Model X and Model S over airbags that might tear when deploying , which can affect their ability to protect passengers. More recently, the automaker ended up under federal investigation for the Passenger Play feature, which allows video games to be played while the vehicles are in motion. The resulting recommendation spurred Tesla to promise a forthcoming software update that would lock the feature unless the vehicle is parked .

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