Our 10 Favorite EVs From Toyota's Big Multi-Car Announcement

2021-12-31 11:24:53 By : Ms. Aileen Zhang

Toyota just unveiled 30 new EV's at once in a historic announcement, and these are our 10 favorites in the lot!

There's never been such a big announcement in one fell swoop as the one Toyota made in December of 2021 regarding their upcoming EV lineup! Car companies have almost always just had a handful of two to five concept vehicles and facelifts they would hype up and then produce the next year. To take thirty different cars and drop them on us all at once, prototypes at the ready is insane! Tesla will have their work cut out for them, as Toyota pushes their “Beyond Zero” goal.

“Beyond Zero” is Toyota's agenda to sell 3.5 million vehicles by 2030 and be totally carbon-neutral (or better). This could mean a few things such as that the new cars replace the average gas car to the point of maintaining or reducing carbon waste production, or maybe just that they have a new car average of zero emissions…the details are foggy, but we can’t help but be excited about the big project! Toyota is vocal about the goal, and we’re not mad about that because the future seems very, very exciting whether you care for electric cars or not.

This project means that electric cars will become cheaper, more accessible, and more comparable to gas even sooner, and the lineup already has one car on the way!... The bZ4X.

The bZ4X stands for “Beyond Zero,” Toyota’s goal for having a carbon neutral-or-better production, and 4X means four-wheel drive. The bZ4X is meant to step in for Toyota’s best-selling SUV; the RAV4. Unlike the others on this list, this one is headed for production and will be for sale by 2023.

Toyota already has an official release on the vehicle, and we won’t hesitate to admit that we have very high hopes for the car, as it will mark the first all-electric production vehicle to come from the world’s biggest automaker, making history and setting the standard for themselves and other carmakers. There’s still a lot that not even Toyota knows about it such as the performance, one or two-pedal driving, or real-life range but it’s estimated to be 250 miles, a bit dismal if we’re being honest, but we pray the price will reflect that.

We at Hot Cars obviously love… hot cars! This Sports EV looks amazing and is said to be the future replacement of the once-beloved MR 2, Toyota’s rear-engine sports coupe. While the MR 2 Spyder was very underpowered making just 138 horsepower, it was also very light.

Being an EV, we don’t expect this car to be light, but we do hope it offers more in the way of acceleration. Considering it doesn’t bear the Lexus badge, we assume it will be a controlled, every man's two-seater EV with a convertible top, and instead of record-shattering performance, we wouldn’t mind if the outcome was something affordable. The GR suggests it may have some umph and possibly come with a small premium on the price tag, but only time will tell.

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Electric trucks are tricky, and Toyota is wise to start with just one. The real issue is weight. Toyota can’t just use the TRD Pro’s fancy Fox shocks on this bad boy, seeing how the few electric trucks we have weigh 7,000 lbs (Rivian R1T) compared to the gas F-150 at about 4,500 lbs.

This is another reason we watch with our fingers crossed and our butts clenched as Toyota drops its first EV in the world, the aforementioned bZ4X. How it tows, its range and its off-road performance will give us a very good indication of what to expect from this truck. We do know it can be expected on or before 2024.

In about 2015 Toyota released an exciting concept called the FT-4X, a gasoline tease as a replacement for the legendary FJ Cruiser, a revival of the Cruiser name. This is perhaps the most exciting EV in the lineup as it also bears the name “Cruiser,” an undeniable statement that Toyota will, in fact, be rebirthing its best off-road legacy.

If the Cruiser EV bears any resemblance to the FT-4X, and it does look very similar, we can expect some wild and exciting features; a panoramic skylight, removable components like lights and speakers, and a highly customized off-roading experience that isn’t hurt when city driving. From the pictures, we can guess that it will have a new kind of tailgate, such as the FT-4X which boasted a classic hatch for weather protection when open, which also opened right and left, split down the middle for tighter spaces.

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Toyota for a long time has created large and public transportation including semis, box trucks, and buses. This bus promises to be autonomous in-city transportation that can run without human input. The idea has been teased both in general and by Toyota of a bus/ shuttle that has nothing but benches and a stop request, and possibly an emergency call button.

The genius of it is that presumably, these buses can charge themselves and then go back out onto the street. They can run 24/7, vary in size based on demand, and will presumably be much safer. While there are some concerns such as the system being held up by weather like snow, a medical emergency, etc. we are still excited about the idea of this massive stride towards the future promised us in sci-fi movies!

Toyota is again hinting at a concept they’ve played with before; autonomous delivery. The Micro-Box makes its purpose clear with a sliding porthole for a user to reach in and pick up an item, or, if past concepts are to be believed, a smaller robot delivers the package to your door! A single-seat placed slightly to the right of the car leaves no room for other passengers, making this the most perfect DoorDash car ever made.

The Mid Box is a step towards commercial delivery and even has a handy hood-step for someone to bust out some tools or sign some documents. Places for straps and accessories appear all over for customization. While this appears to be a driver-made vehicle, it wouldn’t surprise us if it came out as Autonomous. Of all the cars on this list, we honestly do not expect to see these two come out, probably ever based on our experience, but the idea is cool! Perhaps someday the demand will be enough to produce them.

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The Crossover EV takes the shape and design of a CH-R’s cooler cousin who works out. The car squishes on four doors and has a fun-looking stance with some good-looking curves. We just pray that it doesn’t actually take after the CH-R, as it’s notoriously slow and underpowered for what it could’ve been.

Likely, the EV advantage would make this a perfect middle-of-everything car with power to be fun, a ride height for some off-roading, but mostly enough space for four comfortable adults and a bike if you fold the seats down. Unlike the CH-R, the car looks more mature and even has real handles on the doors, none of this sideways weirdness. The Small Crossover EV we don’t love since it seems to be too small and without much trunk space.

We almost compared this to the Lexus LX SUV or the Land Cruiser, but alas… this car seems to be lower to the ground almost like a limo. We can say with a great amount of confidence that it will not be made for off-roading nor will it include a body-on-frame construction for lifting and customizing…but we still love it!

As it stands, there are no large SUVs on the market. The Tesla Model X theoretically can have a “third row” but it only fits kids and it can only be put in backward-facing. The Large SUV EV will presumably be Lexus or Lexus-like despite the Toyota badge, the giveaway being the lay-flat door handles and luxurious appearance. Even if it comes out as a Toyota, we can expect some classy features on the inside.

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The Sedan looks not like a Camry, but an Avalon. Like the Large SUV, we can presume that this will be a classier option, made more elite because of the standard electric vehicle price point. Even though it’s a pinkish color favored by those over 50 years old, the rest of the design tells us it’s a direct competitor to the Model S.

Prepare for the comparison videos and articles now! The similarities are already apparent, so the question will most likely come down to a matter of reliability and price, just like it always has with Toyota. Hidden door handles and even similar wheels make Toyota’s intentions pretty clear, but a point for Toyota; the wheels look way better than the weird juicer things that Tesla uses.

While it's not officially in the original lineup (pictured) Toyota also offered a long-hood electric vehicle that resembles the Supra and is reportedly going to replace the Lexus LFA. The announcement was part of the Lexus release, at the same time. It looks amazing already, but we already know it won't have the engine noise of the LFA, obviously.

We can only hope that the new Lexus sports car can live up to the legacy of the LFA; a car that stands out as being incredible in its performance, very reliable, and respectably fast. We can only pray that some nods to the LFA exist like the ability to compete with the current production leader; the Tesla Model S Plaid, or even a three-exhaust-resembling design in the back. Just looking at the long hood, air intakes, and narrow LED lights, we really believe that the future is here, thanks to Toyota.

Lexus recently revealed its latest addition to its electric range.

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