Massey Ferguson expands its 7S series to 210

2021-12-16 08:00:53 By : Ms. Vivi Wu

Massey Ferguson 7S series tractors straddle the upper end of the mid-range bracket, and the machine extends from 155 horsepower to the 200 horsepower mark.

With the introduction of the latest 210hp model into the series, the company broke this upper limit and overlapped with the 8S series starting with 205hp.

However, the new 7S.210 retains the compact size of the four siblings in the 7S series and the 6.6-liter six-cylinder AGCO power engine. Course horse

Massey Ferguson is clearly distinguishing the two series of models. The 7S series remains light and maneuverable, providing a good power-to-weight ratio.

At the same time, the heavier frame 8S tractor is for customers who need a sturdy tractor to install heavy equipment that requires high power input.

The company also emphasized that this does not mean that the new tractor is a bit vulnerable to the difficult farm life. Please note that it is very capable of handling large loads on the road.

The total weight of the vehicle is 14 tons, and the combined total weight is 44.5 tons. It is sufficient to meet the restrictions of any transportation operations that may be encountered in general agriculture. Messi 7S comes standard with VT

The engine is said to be responsive and can provide a maximum power of 210 horsepower, with an additional 10 horsepower when needed. It can provide 860Nm of torque in all applications, which can be increased to 925Nm at 1,500rpm when needed. advertise

The company’s Dyna-VT Super ECO Variable transmission is standard. This is said to provide optimal control and excellent economy, reaching a road speed of 40 km/h at only 1,450 rpm. Controls common to both specification levels

There are two levels of specifications available-exclusive and efficient. Both include a new Multipad joystick and a control armrest connected to the seat.

This ISOBUS compatible controller combines many control functions into one area. These include linkage control rocker switches, cruise settings, driving mode presets and MF Guide activation.

The cab is equipped with a new air-conditioning system that can reduce the temperature by an additional 4°C. Air suspension seats are also new, with heating options and improved ventilation.

The seat also has a dynamic damping system with a laterally stable suspension, which can automatically respond to the severity of bumps. Messi's comfort and connectivity

In order to further improve comfort, Efficient models are equipped with a suspended front axle and mechanical cab suspension. However, the exclusive version enjoys an active mechanical system.

The Datatronic 5 system manages all tractor functions. It also has ISOBUS and GPS signal connections, enabling it to run the MF Technologies Precision Farming kit.

These include MF guidelines and MF partial controls. The latter can now operate up to 96 sections to improve accuracy, reduce overlap and target input through variable rate applications using MF rate control. Also read: Lemken launches the new Karat 10 field cultivator MACHINERY MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTORS

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