There were multiple car accidents on Interstate I-78 in Berks County. Four people were killed, including buses-NBC10 Philadelphia

2021-12-16 08:02:23 By : Ms. Rita You

Interstate 78 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, reopened Wednesday morning after two related multi-vehicle crashes-one involving a new school bus-two hours and 10 miles apart, killing at least four people , The eastbound lane was closed for several hours overnight.

Pennsylvania State Police said that the first crash occurred at around 8:20 pm, near the milestone 27.4 in Tilden Township.

Authorities said a 69-year-old Georgian woman driving an empty school bus failed to stop in a construction area near Hamburg and crashed into the back seat of a sedan, killing the 20-year-old driver. According to police, the bus then crossed the top of the sedan and rear-ended an SUV, resulting in the death of the passenger in the front seat.

SkyForce10 was at the scene and captured the school bus and the heavily damaged vehicles surrounded by emergency personnel. Many people were trapped in the car. Emergency personnel were able to rescue them.

The police said the bus was new and was being delivered to Canada.

About two hours later, a 64-year-old truck driver detoured from I-78 near Upper Tulpehocken Township milestone 18.1 at about 10:20pm. Police said the van caused a chain reaction crash involving three other cars.

According to the police, a 24-year-old woman from Reading was killed in the back seat of a sedan while a 54-year-old man from Williamsport was driving an SUV.

The police did not disclose how many people were injured in the two shipwrecks.

The name of the victim was not immediately released. As of Wednesday morning, the police are still investigating and no one has been charged.

I-78 will reopen at around 4 am on Wednesday.