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2021-12-16 07:42:02 By : Mr. Tommy Hao

This is the best car of 2021.

This year is coming to an end, which means it’s time to announce the winners of the 2021 CarBuzz Awards. We drive hundreds of cars in a year, so narrowing our favorites to only 10 winners (technically 11 this year) is a daunting task. Now in its third year, the CarBuzz Award has won two new categories, replacing Poster of the Year and Surprise.

Each of our ten categories is judged using unique criteria, and only the cars we drove this year are eligible for award nominations. Although some categories prioritize practicality or efficiency, our editors are all car fanatics, so you can rest assured that each of our winners will be interesting.

Now, the moment you have been waiting for...this is our favorite car of 2021.

"With the arrival of Ford Maverick in 2022, the pickup truck segment has been redefined," said Jared Rosenholtz, editor-in-chief of CarBuzz. "Starting at just $19,995, the hybrid model offers more than 40 mpg city driving, and the powerful EcoBoost model with a towing capacity of 4,000 pounds, Maverick can provide something for everyone."

Judging this category based on the average new car transaction price, the price ceiling soared to $45,000 in 2021. Even at the well-equipped trim level, Maverick is far below that price. Ford Maverick proved that affordable small pickup trucks will continue to exist. Facts have proved that Ford's 2021 product shock is a success, because Maverick is the first of two Blue Oval models to receive the award this year.

"As the first pickup truck to win the CarBuzz People's Car Award, Maverick seems to be an ideal and affordable car built specifically for the United States," Rosenholtz added.

"Volkswagen ID.4 represents an important step in the transition from ICE to EV powertrain," said Roger Biermann, CarBuzz editor-in-chief. “This is not only a major investment by one of the world’s largest traditional car manufacturers, but also democratizing electric vehicles by bringing range and technology to the public at an affordable price. We have long promised to provide affordable Volkswagen has delivered the most popular electric vehicles, backed by high-quality construction, a huge national dealer service network, and the best charging network."

"With 2021 ID.4, Volkswagen has proven that electric vehicles are both fun and good for the planet," Rosenholtz added. "The rear-wheel-drive ID.4 provides considerable power for the compact crossover, while the dual-motor all-wheel drive model increases excitement with nearly 300 horsepower. We like the ID.4’s flexible driving style and high-quality interior Decorated. This car shows that Volkswagen is ready for the electrification age."

"My whole family loves Carnival," said Jake Lingeman, CarBuzz's executive editor. "First of all, it looks great. I personally don’t object to minivans. We own one, but this SUV-like carnival will shame any of them. The biological comfort of rear-seat entertainment is beyond the chart. We connected Nintendo to another place, so that the children can enjoy first-class equipment. If we find another porter, my house will be number one."

"The Kia Carnival in 2022 proved that minivans are cooler than SUVs. In fact, this is why Kia calls this car an MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle)," Rosenholtz added. “I don’t have children, but even my friends were shocked by the reclining seats in the Carnival SX-Prestige decoration. The carnival’s rear infotainment screen has built-in Netflix and other streaming services, making it a perfect road trip for a family. Even a means of transportation for a group of adults."

"The 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is an impressive luxury SUV, and we want to know why Jeep did not launch it sooner," Rosenholtz commented. "Although its appearance does not have any Jeep logo, the Grand Wagoneer contains all the contents of American luxury: a few days of space, solid wood decoration, soft leather and a screen large enough to embarrass a football field. What's more impressive is that the Grand Wagoneer Wagoneer wraps up the crew while towing nearly 10,000 pounds, which means it can carry your family and your boat."

The level of luxury of the Grand Wagoneer is simply shocking," Lingeman said. "With the 75-inch reconfigurable screen, the latest Uconnect software (5 times faster than the previous version) and Amazon Fire TV, the journey is too long. Maintaining stability and ease during long-distance transportation is a completely independent suspension setup with a rear load balancing function that can be used when carrying a large amount of payload. The Grand Wagoneer comes standard with an electronically controlled air suspension, which can continuously adjust the stiffness to achieve the best on-road or off-road driving. "

CarBuzz senior editor Sebastian Cenizo (Sebastian Cenizo) pointed out: "Genesis G80 perfectly combines high-quality materials and innovative and ergonomic design in a simple package, both elegant and easy to use." "In fact, this sublime combination appears in an achievable package, which does not affect its excellence in the least. If anything, it makes the G80 cabin even more impressive."

“It’s easy to build the best car interiors on the market at six-figure prices, but the Genesis G80 in 2021 proves that any car manufacturer can do this at a more reasonable level,” Rosenholz explained . "Genesis mixes leather, wood, and metal in a way that we rarely experience, especially if the starting price is less than $50,000," Rosenholtz added. “The G80’s cabin dwarfs a car that costs twice as much. Genesis plays with colors and materials, offering bold combinations that traditional OEMs can’t imagine. One thing is for sure, Genesis has hired some of the best in the industry interior designer."

With the victory of the Audi RS e-tron GT in 2022 with the electric luxury car, the brand-new product perfectly fits into the new category of the CarBuzz Awards. "The RS e-tron GT is equipped with a standard air suspension and glide on the road, which is even more impressive considering its low-profile tires," Lingelmann said. "Somehow it turns softly and flatly. Thanks to the panoramic glass roof, the cockpit feels spacious from the pilot's seat, and we like how Audi maintains a premium feel while maintaining familiar controls.

"Every new Audi in 2026 will be electric. This is worrying because Audi has built some spectacular internal combustion engines over the years. The high-speed 4.2-liter V8 in the B7 RS4 and the current turbocharged five-cylinder RS3 engine It's a good example," said Gerhard Horn, associate editor of CarBuzz.

"You only need to spend a few days on the Audi RS e-ron GT to overcome this concern. Below, it is a Porsche Taycan, which is a difficult move. But I think Audi has done better and tends to Instead of trying to make a sharp sports car with a 5,000-pound vehicle. Avengers: Endgame, for the production version, Audi simply added door handles," Horn continued.

"The 2022 BMW iX embodies the meaning of becoming a technology enthusiast's dream car. BMW's latest iDrive 8 infotainment technology is one of the most significant upgrades we have seen from Bavarian engineers," Rosenholz said. "BMW continues to improve its intelligent voice control and now allows car owners to name their cars to enter commands. We call iX Jarvis a tribute to the technical genius Tony Stark. iX is full of first-class technical features, including augmented reality navigation, 5G Internet Connectivity, gesture control and a state-of-the-art Bowers & Wilkins diamond surround sound system with 30 speakers and a 4D bass experience."

"BMW has not only stuffed the iX with technology, but it has also developed one of the best electric drivetrains," Rosenholtz added. "IX’s dual electric motors produce V8-level power, outputting 516 horsepower to all four wheels. This car takes off like a rocket strapped to a sofa, while playing through speakers created by Hans Zimmer The futuristic noise. The iX's large-capacity battery can achieve a range of 300 miles, and its fast charging time can increase the battery power from 10% to 80% in 40 minutes. The 2022 iX is BMW’s most technologically content car to date ."

The new year brings a new CarBuzz award category, "Affordable Fun". "As high-performance cars get faster and more expensive, we want to reward automakers (in this case, automakers) who keep affordable enthusiast cars alive," Rosenhoof Ertz explained. "Both Subaru and Toyota deserve to be commended for their excellent partnership. The joint cooperation between Japanese automakers has produced two of the most impressive sports cars, regardless of the price, so it is correct to award the victory to both companies. "

"True car enthusiasts like affordable sports coupes, but before the BRZ and 86, this market segment is dying," Lingelmann said. "The initial BRZ power was acceptable, but this car raised the bet with 23 horsepower. It exploded on winding roads, exploded on automatic off-road tracks, exploded on highways. This is an explosion everywhere. .period."

"The 2022 Toyota GR86 will continue where the previous 86 and Scion FR-S stopped, sliding sideways on the track," Rosenholtz said. "Toyota retains all the fans' love of the original car, adds more power, creates a better interior, and develops a new exhaust system to match other experiences. This is the best at any price. One of the good sports cars, so we are surprised that Toyota can sell it for less than $30,000.

"In the STO version," CarBuzz contributing editor Ian Wright said, "Lamborghini separates the Huracan's real supercar base from the flaunting jewels to create a truly modern rarity-a car you can be comfortable and legal Crazy express roads driving fast."

"The Lamborghini Huracan STO is built for performance, not pretentious, but it still won't surprise you," said Sebastian Cenizo, senior editor of CarBuzz. "This is an exhilarating and not intimidating machine. Of course, it is still an extremely fast Italian exotic, sending all 630 horses to the rear wheels, but it makes the experience purer, not Petrochemical. Taking into account the noise of the atmospheric V10, the speed has been over 8,000 rpm, and you will ignore the checkered flag until the track lights are turned off."

Rosenholtz said: "The 2021 Ford Mustang won the Blue Oval at the 2021 CarBuzz Awards and won the off-road warrior category." "Sales numbers speak for themselves, and Ford's revival of off-road vehicles is very popular. . With so many, you can’t even find a Bronco sitting at a dealership. With a detachable roof and door panels, it can cross any terrain mode, and "As a daunting Sasquatch kit, Bronco will become any off-road trail The object of envy. Ford even realized the enthusiast's dream with a usable manual transmission equipped with crawler gears. "

CarBuzz's deputy editor-in-chief Gerhard Horn said: “When Jeep launched the Wrangler at the Jeep camp in Austria, the Ford Mustang should be like this.” “Although the Wrangler is undoubtedly an excellent off-road tool, it Too much compromise is not enough to make a leap. Entering Bronco, this is a complete redesign and rethinking of the famous nomenclature. It is practical, beautiful, desirable, and has surprisingly good road manners. All of these make people It's easy to forgive wind noise and the fact that it is almost impossible to come into contact with wind noise."