Bubba Wallace's comments on the firm dialogue with Kyle Larson

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Bob, this doesn't look great...

The blue dot on the GPS is not helpful to you here.

I'm afraid it's too late to look back anyway.

Baby Jessica, it looks like you fell into the well.

It's like a mummy at night fighting with bright lightning.

I'm not here to save you. I just came here for a ride. So let me entertain you and everything will be fine.

Are you here yet? That is the bottom of the rock. Click here to exit the well.

Just before the 2020 riots, the pandemic left most people at home. The NASCAR game was postponed because people figured out how to deal with this situation.

Listen to Bubba Wallace's conversation with Kyle Larson below.

The driver who usually lives on the road is now trapped inside and nothing happens. It didn't take long for them to organize, pull out the simulated racing seat, and start online racing from the living room.

In a late night match via iRacing, Kyle Larson used the n word when trying to contact his personal observer. Pressing the wrong button made his voice to every driver in the race. Several drivers are broadcasting the event.

Within minutes, Larson became popular on Twitter. Within a few hours, sponsors began to abandon Larson, including McDonald's, Credit One and Chevrolet. He was then suspended indefinitely by NASCAR and shortly afterwards was fired by Chip Ganassi Racing.

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Both Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson passed NASCAR's diversification program. They know each other very well. As the only black driver in the NASCAR Cup series, Larson quickly tried to help.

"The words he chose to use reminded me," Bubba Wallace told ESPN through an E60 special.

"Larson called me less than 30 seconds after that. Oh, yes, he called me less than 5 minutes after he said this. And I didn't answer."

Wallace may not answer, because the game was played at midnight.

"Hearing this, I didn't get angry at hearing this word. I didn't like,'Wow, what the hell is it? I thought,'Well. You're done."

Two NASCAR Cup series racers finally spoke.

"My conversation won't help you sprout. It may make you feel better, but you are just completely out of depth."

Their conversation took place after Larson was fired by Chip Ganassi Racing.

"I called Larson. He was, "Hey, buddy. "You know, I'm so sorry. I said,'Hey buddy, it's in your vocabulary dog. He was like,'Oh, I won't say it again."

Wallace concluded: "If you use it often. I don't know if he knows it, but in my opinion, you know. You have to delete it from your vocabulary."

Larson had previously stated that he only started using the term after playing against a sprint racing team in Australia. The team often uses this term, just like Larson uses it. Larson realized this and took it home.

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Since then, everything has gone back to square one...

In 2020, Larson returns to the dirt road. From sprint cars to the latest models to midgets, he ruled everything, winning more than half of the races he participated in.

In 2021, his NASCAR suspension was lifted. He was hired by Hendrick Motorsports, then drove into the professional record season and won the NASCAR Cup series championship.

Bubba Wallace also has a career season in 2021. Just a few months ago, he drove 23XI Racing to win the first victory of their career at the Talladega Super Circuit.

Wallace visited the Victory Lane and congratulated Larson and his new team on their first NASCAR victory. A few months later, Larson did the same thing, and Wallace won his first career victory in Talladega.

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